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2017 Year-End Tax Tips

Fall 2017

Eliminate the Tax Burden of Your 2017 IRA Required Minimum Distribution

If you are 70½ or older, don't forget about the IRA charitable rollover provision. This allows you to transfer up to $100,000 from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to Stanford and other favorite charities tax-free. Please visit our IRA and Other Retirement Gifts page for more information.

Maximize Your 2017 Deductions with Year-End Gifts to Stanford University

Be mindful of deadlines, especially in a year when December 31 falls on a Sunday.

  • Gifts of securities made through a brokerage account must be received into Stanford's account by Friday, December 29. Because these transfers can take two weeks or more, please contact your broker early in December to ensure timely processing.
  • Gifts made by check sent via the U.S. mail must be postmarked by December 31. If you use a private carrier like UPS or FedEx, the check must arrive at Stanford no later than December 29.
  • Credit card gifts must be charged to the credit card no later than December 31. Processing deadlines vary among charities, but you must let Stanford know by 5 p.m. Pacific Time on December 29.
  • Gifts of real estate and other illiquid assets take time. Please contact Stanford's Office of Planned Giving as soon as possible so we can begin the review process immediately.

For security transfer instructions, mailing addresses, and to make a gift online, please visit our How to Give page.