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Recent Estate Gifts

Summer 2017

Stanford is grateful to the generous alumni and friends who have remembered the university in their estate plans. The following is a sampling of recent estate gifts:

James T. Anglim, son of James Anglim,'23, JD '25, left a portion of the residue of his trust to the Stanford Law School, resulting in a gift of nearly $9 million. The bequest will create the James H. Anglim, Theodora K. Anglim, and James T. Anglim Scholarship Fund.

Jeanette Barkett, '66, made a bequest of $5,000 to the Graduate School of Education.

Richard Finch, '50, MA '51, bequeathed a portion of his trust to the university, resulting in an unrestricted gift of more than $10,000.

Gloria Franzini, whose husband earned his PhD in civil engineering at Stanford and taught at the university for 38 years, left a portion of her trust, resulting in a gift of close to $38,000 to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Phyllis Gander, a friend of the university, bequeathed nearly $36,000 to benefit the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute.

Frank Hamilton, '48, named Stanford as a beneficiary in his trust. Stanford received an interest in real property and works of art valued at more than $590,000 to be added to the Frank O. Hamilton Undergraduate Scholarship Fund.

Herbert "Pete" Hoover, '51, and Meredith Hoover, '51, left a portion of their trust to the Hoover Institution, resulting in an unrestricted gift of more than $1.5 million. Mr. Hoover was the grandson of President Herbert Hoover, whose gift led to the establishment of the Hoover Institution.

Alice Isen, '66, PhD '68, named Stanford as a beneficiary in her trust. Stanford received a gift of $74,000 to be added to the Isen and Rosenthal Memorial Fund in memory of Alice M., Eve, Saul, and B. George Isen and Dr. Louis Rosenthal.

Marvin Karasek, professor emeritus, named Stanford as a residuary beneficiary of his trust and as the beneficiary of his retirement accounts. The School of Medicine received a gift valued at more than $6.7 million to establish an endowed fund known as the Marvin A. Karasek Fund to support programs in the Department of Dermatology.

Frances Magarian, '53, bequeathed a portion of the residue of her trust, resulting in a gift of more than $430,000 to establish a scholarship fund in the humanities in memory of her parents, Ward D. and Margaret S. Ridgley.

Douglass Cecil North, professor emeritus, named the university as a beneficiary of his retirement account. The university received $46,000 for the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences.

Barbara Sebastian, '45, and Frank Sebastian, MBA '48, left $231,000 from their retirement accounts to Stanford. Their gifts created the Barbara Taylor Sebastian Fund for the School of Humanities and Sciences, and provided support for the Half Century Endowment Fund at the Graduate School of Business.